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What do Glow Berries do in Minecraft?



One of the latest additions that arrived with the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update is glow berries. They appear in lush caves, dropping down from the bottom of blocks and emitting level 14 light. 

If you’ve only started playing the new update on Minecraft, here’s what you can use glow berries for in this fantastic sandbox crafting game.

  1. Farming

    What do Glow Berries do in Minecraft

    As with most fruit in Minecraft, you can plant glow berries to obtain more of them. You’ll need to plant them at the bottom of blocks in caves for them to grow correctly, which forms vines that drop downwards. The berries will develop over time, or you can use bonemeal to make the process go faster.

  2. Food

    What do Glow Berries do in Minecraft

    Another use of glow berries in Minecraft is to fill your tummy. Much like sweet berries, it will restore two hunger points. When you’re playing survival mode and are in desperate need of food, feel free to pop a few in your mouth.

  3. Lighting

    What do Glow Berries do in Minecraft

    One of the best uses of glow berries is for lighting. You don’t want to know how much time we had spent in the past popping candles over cave walls while mining for raw metals. Now, you can grow these in any of your cave homes for a more natural lighting solution.

  4. Breeding Foxes

    What do Glow Berries do in Minecraft

    If you’re a lover of animals, the glow berry is the only fruit in Minecraft that will let you breed foxes. You can also feed them for some affection, but only the pups from breeding will belong to you. Much like with sweet berries, this is the only way to tame foxes in the game.

The caves are aglow with the sight of berries

The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update has brought many sweet, delicious treats to the game, and the glow berry is only one of them. If you’re planning a home in the caves, make sure you farm as many of them as possible so you can avoid using candle and other crafted light sources.

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