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What Can You Make with Copper in Minecraft?



Thanks to the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update, we now have copper to mine and refine in the open-world building game. Of course, it means that you can now craft new items and buildings, giving your home or factory a steampunk appearance.

Once you’ve found some raw copper in the caves and transformed it into ingots, you can use it to make the following items.

  1. Copper block

    What Can You Make with Copper in Minecraft

    The most obvious use is to create a copper block. This item is useful if you want to build a factory with that authentic, rustic appearance. You can use a honeycomb to polish the block or an axe to return it to an oxidated surface.

  2. Tools and weapons

    What Can You Make with Copper in Minecraft

    Copper in Minecraft also presents a new range of tools and weapons. Basically, it’s stronger than wood and similar in strength to stone. You’ll be able to chop the same items as Stone tools, so the only real difference is in the material and appearance. The copper sword has the same damage as a stone one.

  3. Lighting Rod

    What Can You Make with Copper in Minecraft

    Are you tired of lightning striking your Minecraft home and causing damage? Well, you can now make a lightning rod with copper. If you place it above your home during a storm, you’ll see the lightning streak towards it for a marvellous effect. As fans of lightning, we love this new feature.

  4. Spyglass

    What Can You Make with Copper in Minecraft

    Copper joins with another new item to create the spyglass, namely, an amethyst gem. The spyglass lets you zoom in and out so you can see further away. It helps you find valuable resources from home instead of running like a wild child through the forests.

The copper age is upon us!

We’ve been waiting for new items for a long time, and Minecraft doesn’t fail to deliver. It’s going strong with the addition of copper, which lets you mine and craft with new tools. 

You can now feel like an ancient soldier with a copper sword, striking down skeletons and spiders just for the fun of it. Remember to spend some time enchanting it for more effects.

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